First Generation

Myself – Albertus Robertus Johannes Casimirus   

I, Albertus (Bert), [photos], the fifth of seven sons: was born under the sign of Gemini and named Robert John by my mother, who drank; i was committed to a ‘home for children’ from where, some time before my second birthday, I was officially adopted by a couple who also drank, who christened me Albertus (Albertas, Albert, Albert, Alberto);

·         on 10 May 1970 was confirmed with the name Casimirus (Kazimieras, Kasimir, Casimir, Casimiro);

·         in 1971 entered the monastery of Nostra Signora della Strada;

·         in 1973 entered the seminary Pontificio Collegio Lituano di San Casimiro a Roma;

·         in Dec 1977 in the Church of san Pancrazio was ordained deacon;

·         on 13 May 1978 in the Church of the Holy Roman Protomartyrs at Rome was ordained at 22 years of age to the priesthood by Mario Cardinal Nasalli-Rocca di Corneliano;

·         on 31 May 1979 was graduated from the Pontifical University of Saint John in the Lateran;

·         worked as parish vicar for a year, after which celebrated Mass at a convent and at the patriarchal Basilica S. Maria Maggiore;

·         in Feb 1982 began working at the Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Sciences, in Nov 1982 at the Vatican Radio, in Sep 1983 at the Catacombs of Saint Sebastian;

·         at a certain moment, dissillusioned and embittered by the systematic destruction of the traditional Catholic Rite of Mass, the subsequent erosion of orthodox faith, and its gradual substitution with papal personality cult and moralism since the Second Vatican Council *, lonely for the lack of like-minded confréres, and hindered from celebrating the Mass as it ought to be celebrated, stopped exercising the priesthood publicly (though I continued on occasion to celebrate the Old Latin Mass privately);

·         having worked for many years at an international organisation in Roma, in Jul 1995, due to illness and eyesight problems, left Roma to go live in Vilnius, Lithuania;

·         on 15 Apr 1996 in Vilnius I drank alcohol for the last time ;

·         on 15 July 1998 I was contacted by telephone by my birth brothers, about whom I knew nothing and whose very existence I was unaware of;

·         on I6 Jul 1998 went to Amsterdam for the first time, and from there flew to meet my brother Harry (Scott Charles);

·         on 17 Jul 1998 met my brothers Richard and Jeffrey; on 15 Aug 1998 met my brothers Dale, Michael and Robert;

·         in Feb 1999 ... ;

·         in Sep 1999 together with my brother Harry visited the maternal homeland Yorkshire, England and some of our relatives still living there;

·         in Dec 1999 left Vilnius to live for good in Amsterdam, where I go by the name BERT , which is the second syllable of both Robert and Albertus, and a common nickname for both in all Germanic languages;

·         in 2000 celebrated a private Mass in Amsterdam’s Begijnhof, and in 2002 – after a break of many years - began once again to celebrate the traditional Mass in public, in both Amsterdam and in several other localities, always on a voluntary basis; as of the autumn of 2006 I regularly celebrate private Masses at one parish church in Amsterdam, where I also sing in the Gregorian choir and am active as a volunteer (and as such have nothing to do with the church’s administration, policies and website);

·         in Aug 2007, after an absence of 12 years, returned to Rome, the city in which I spent the most years of my life, for a memorable visit of one week (and visited Roma again in Aug 2009, in May and Nov 2010, in May and Sept 2011, in June/July 2012, in Sep 2015, and in Oct 2016);

·         since i have no apostolate, and perform ceremonial and other tasks in church on a volunteer basis, in my free time I keep busy with my favourite passtimes: genealogical research, opera and travel.

·         In May 2014 FTDNA determined, through precise DNA analysis, that I am genetically 100 percent North-Western European: British Islands – 35 %; West & Central Europe  – 33%; Scandinavia – 32%. In Sep 2014, 23andMe determined through DNA analysis, that I am 99,9% European - namely, 97,8% Northern European: the lands of ancestral origin being the British Isles, Germany/Netherlands, Scandinavia; in February 2016 I was tested by AncestryDNA, which confirmed the findings of the above two DNA testing companies. Through DNA matching I have genetic confirmation of my descent on mother’s side from the Fuller, Peckham, Stones, Hall, Massey, Farnsworth, Lane and Parrott families. In the spring of 2016, thanks to DNA matching and time-consuming family tree analysis, I was able to confirm my descent on my father’s side from the Jung, Steinmetz, Rodenbach, Weber, Whittaker and Clifford families, and prove that my natural father is a son of Frank Casimir and Nellie Anna Jung.



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* in 1970 the New Order of Mass was introduced, whereupon countless aberrations arose, which in many places eventually supplanted the official new rites ; in 1976 the Old Rite was expressly forbidden and priests who dared to keep on celebrating the old Mass were suspended a divinis; in 1984 the Old Rite was once again officially tolerated but under very limited conditions; in 1988 a more generous indult was granted whereby the Old Rite might be celebrated under broader and more favourable conditions; but only since July 2007 – when the Motu ProprioSummorum Pontificum’ was issued by Pope Benedict XVI, who declared that the Old Rite was never abrogated - is the right to celebrate without restriction the Mass and Sacraments according to the Old Rite officially and universally recognised. However, in practice it is still hard to find priests who can celebrate the Old Mass, and harder yet to find rectors and parish councils who are willing to allow the celebration of the Old Mass within their churches.