James Whittaker was born about 1775 in Lancashire, England. He wed Ruth Naylor on 30 June 1794 at the Cathedral & Collegiate Church of St. Mary, St. Denys and St. George in Manchester, Lancashire, England. James and Ruth had at least one son, John B. Whittaker, baptised in the same church.


Cathedral & Collegiate Church of St. Mary, St. Denys & St. George

John B. Whittaker, son of James Whittaker and Ruth Naylor, was baptised on 6 January 1799 at the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St. Mary, St. Denys and St. George in Manchester, England. He wed Hannah Berry on 9 December 1822 at Saint John's parish, Manchester, Lancashire, England. John Whittaker died before 1860.

John and Hannah had five children:

JohnDavidWhittakerVerbeterd.jpgJohn David Whittaker, 1823 1884; ThomasWhittakerVerbeterd.jpgThomas Whittaker, 1824 1894; James Barry Whittaker, 1828 1899; Mary Ann Whittaker, 1830 1853; Elizabeth Whittaker, 1834 1918.


JamesBarryWhittakerVerbeterd.jpgJames Barry Whittaker, third of five children of John Whittaker and Hannah Berry, was born on 28 February 1828. He wed Mary Jane Clifford, daughter of Nathan Clifford and Daphne Smith, in January 1862. He died on 19 January 1899 in Concord.

James and Mary had eleven children, amongst whom Katherine R. Whittaker & Nellie Anna Whittaker.


NellieAnnaWhittaker.jpgNellie Anna Whittaker, ninth of eleven children of James Whittaker and Mary Clifford, was born on 28 December 1879. She was wed to Frank Casimir Jung on 27 March 1901. Frank died on 25 October 1955. Nellie died on 21 October 1956.

Frank and Nellie had four children: Gertrude, Howard, D.C., & Dorothy.


DCJungMilitaryIDFoto (2).JPG D. C. Jung, third of four children of Frank Casimir Jung and Nellie Anna Whittaker, was born on 25 February 1922, died on 3 June 1998.


My direct line


        1. James Whittaker born abt 1775, wed Ruth Naylor 30 Jun 1794 at the Cathedral of St. Mary, St. Denys & St. George, Manchester, Lancashire, England.

        2. John B. Whittaker baptised 6 Jan 1799 at the Cathedral of St. Mary, St. Denys & St. George in Manchester, England, wed Hannah Berry, died before 1860.

        3. James Barry Whittaker born 28 Feb 1828, wed Mary Clifford, died 19 Jan 1899.

        4. Nellie Anna Whittaker born 28 Dec 1879, was wed to Frank Casimir Jung, died 21 Oct 1956.

        5. D.C. Jung born 25 Feb 1922, died 3 Jun 1998.

        6. Myself, born Robert John, baptised & confirmed in the R.C. Church under the names Albertus Casimirus.


A Family Saint

Blessed Thomas Whittaker (Lancashire, England) ~ Feastday 7 August



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