†††† Joshua Stones wed Mary Bradford on 16 July 1727 at St. Edmundís church, Kellington, Yorkshire, England. As far as is known, they had one child, William.


†††† Willam Stones, yeoman, was baptised on 6 Nov 1731 at St. Edmundís church, Kellington, Yorkshire, England. He wed Mildred Rhodes on 10 Aug 1756 at Kellington. Around 1762 the family removed to Snaith. William was buried on 16 Jan 1811 in Cowick, Snaith Parish, Yorkshire. He left a substantial will dated 11 Apr 1808, wherein he named his six surviving sons and daughters as heirs: Ann, William, John, George, Joshua, Samuel. The two eldest were baptised in Kellington, the others in the church of Saint Lawrence at Snaith. Another son called John, born in 1763, died in infancy.


†††† Joshua Stones, the fifth of seven children of William, was christened on 3 Oct 1771 at Saint Lawrence's Priory Church in Snaith, Snaith Parish, Yorkshire, England. He wed Sarah on 5 May 1795 in Selby. Joshua was 72 years old when he died. He was buried on 24 Oct 1843 at Cowick. Sarah Longbottom was born in 1774. She too was 72 years old when she died. Sarah was buried on 3 Apr 1846 at Cowick.

††† Joshua and Sarah had thirteen children who all were born at Cowick, Snaith Parish, Yorkshire, England and baptised in Snaith: Millia, Betty, Mary, Emanuel, Robert, John, William, James, Joseph, David, George, Joshua, Thomas.


†††† Robert Stones, the fifth of thirteen children of Joshua and Sarah, was christened on 29 Aug 1802 at Saint Lawrence's Priory in Snaith, Snaith Parish, Yorkshire, England. He wed Mary on 25 Jun 1822 at Saint Peter's Church in Drax. Robert had a ten acre farm planted with flax. He died on 15 Sep 1849 and lies buried in the churchyard at Rawcliffe. Mary Manuel was born and christened in 1801 in Yorkshire, England.

†††† Robert and Mary had ten children who were all baptised in Saint Jamesí Church at Rawcliffe: Robert, Charles, William, Thomas, Emanuel, Sarah, George, John, David, Elisabeth.


††††† Charles Emanuel Stones, the second of ten children of Robert and Mary, was born on 25 Apr 1823 at Cowick in the parish of Snaith, County of York, England and baptised on 18 May 1823 at Saint Jamesí Church in Rawcliffe, Snaith Parish. He wed Harriet Hall on 31 Oct 1842 at South Church. Harriet Hall was born on 7 Jul 1824 at Rawcliffe, Snaith Parish, Yorkshire, England. She died on 4 Jun 1906 and was buried in the Roman-Catholic Sacred Heart Cemetery. Charles died on 3 Apr 1911 from heart sickness and was buried next to his wife. A beautiful iron cross marks their grave.

†††† Charles and Harriet had a 20 acre farm. They had fifteen children, of whom the nine eldest were baptised in the Church of Saint Lawrence at Snaith, the six youngest in the Church of the Holy Trinity at Cowick: Mary, Hannah, James, Emma, Robert, William, Sarah, John, Frederick, Sarah, Miriam, Francis, Alexander, Ada, Harriet.


†††† Ada Stones, the forteenth of fiveteen children of Charles and Harriet, was born on 21 Jun 1865 in Sykehouse,Yorkshire, England and baptised on 7 Jul 1865 in the Church of the Holy Trinity at Cowick, Snaith Parish, Yorkshire. Ada was married to Charles Henry Fuller on Easter Sunday 1885. In her old years Ada suffered from asthma and arthritis of the knees, wherefore she got the nickname "Stone-knees". Ada died on 14 Feb 1939. Her husband Charles Henry Fuller was born on 13 May 1860 and died on 29 Mar 1940 from a bullet wound in the right temple. Charles and Ada rest next to each other in Saint Joseph Cemetery.

†††† Charles and Ada had nine children: Eva, Blanche, Robert, Charles, Ruth, James, Paul, Olive, Henrietta. The eldest two were baptised in the Church of Saint James at South Bend, where the youngest seven most likely also were baptised.


†††† Charles Frederick Fuller, the fourth of nine children of Charles and Ada, was born on 5 Jan 1893 and most likely baptised in Saint Jamesí Church at South Bend. He wed Verna Massey on 20 Dec 1913. Charles died on 7 Apr 1956.

Verna Massey was born on 25 Nov 1896 and probably baptised in Saint Paulís Church at South Bend. She died on 5 May 1977. Charles and Verna lie next to one another in the graveyard at Gobles.

†††† Charles and Verna had five daughters: Elva, May, Ruth, June, Joan.


My direct line


        1. Joshua Stones on 16 Jul 1727 at Kellington, Yorkshire, England wed Mary Bradford.

        2. William Stones baptised in 1735 at Kellington, on 10 Aug 1756 wed Mildred Rhodes, was buried 6 Jan 1811 at Cowick.

        3. Joshua Stones baptised on 3 Oct 1771 at Snaith, on 5 Mar 1795 at Selby wed Sarah Longbottom, was buried 24 Oct 1843 at Cowick.

        4. Robert Stones baptised on 29 Aug 1802 at Snaith, on 25 Jun 1822 at Drax wed Mary Manuel, died on 15 Sep 1849.

        5. Charles Emanuel Stones born 25 Apr 1823 at Cowick, baptised 18 May 1823 at Rawcliffe, 31 Oct 1842 at South Church wed Harriet Hall, died 3 Apr 1911.

        6. Ada Stones born 21 Jun 1865 at Sykehouse, baptised 7 Jul 1865 at Cowick, in 1885 wed Charles Fuller, died 14 Feb 1939.

        7. Charles Fred Fuller born 5 Jan 1893, prob. baptised at South Bend, on 20 Dec 1913 wed Verna Massey, died 7 Apr 1956.

        8. June Elaine Fuller born 14 Jun 1929, died 9 Aug 1991.

        9. Myself, Bert , born Robert John, christened & confirmed in the R.C. Church under the names Albertus Casimirus.

Stories about other members of the Stones family

Fredice Cressy, My first cousin twice removed

Sister Maria Christeta, My first cousin twice removed

Miriam ĎMinnieí Stanfield, My second cousin once removed

William Stones, My great-granduncle


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