The English surname Massey is most widespread in Cheshire, England. The name stems from an old Gallo-Roman place name: Masse, in the province of Normandy in north western France. 

     Originally settled by the Celtic Gauls, later taken over by the Romans, then ruled by the Franks, in the tenth century A.D. this province was constantly being plundered by Norwegian Vikings - also called Normans, meaning “men from the North”. Exasperated, the King of France decided to give them the province so that they would leave the rest of his kingdom alone, and the province came to be called Normandy after its new owners. A hundred years later these Normans, led by their Duke - William the Conqueror - who was a cousin to King Harold of England, invaded and won over England. Many Norman nobles and knights who had helped William take England's throne were granted land in England and settled there for good, bringing their names with them. Our Massey forefather was one such Norman: he was granted land in Cheshire, where many of his descendants are still to be found living to this day. Variations of this name include Massy, Massie, Macey, Masse.


My direct line


·        1. Henry Massey of Sale, Cheshire, England, wed Hannah Sidebotham.

·        2. Thomas Massey born ca 1663, baptised on 1 Oct 1665 in Saint Mary’s Church at Nantwich, Cheshire, England, died in 1708. On 20 Oct 1692 he wed Phoebe Taylor, who was born 15 Jun 1670 in Cheshire, England and died 7 Dec 1749. 

·        3. James Massey born 13 Sep 1697, died in 1791. On 2 Feb 1723 he wed Ann Lewis, who was born 2 Oct 1701.

·        4. Lewis Massey born on 4 Nov 1725, on 10 Oct 1760 wed Anna, died in 1766.

·        5. Samuel Massey born ca 1765, died 14 Jun 1848. On 4 Jun 1801 he wed Catharine Farnsworth, who was born ca 1781 and died 11 Jan 1864.

·        6. Joseph Massey born 23 Jun 1818, died 5 Mar 1883. On 10 Oct 1847 he wed Esther Johnson, who was born 9 Nov 1828, died 21 Jan 1888.

·         7. Daniel Massey born 7 Aug 1851. On 1 Jan 1878 he wed Etta Lane, who was born 21 Jun 1861 and died 6 Apr 1930 from dropsy due to diabetes. Daniel played the fiddle at weddings, where he took pleasure in more than just the music. After his wife left him because of his drinking, the doctor prescribed a daily dose of arsenic to take in order to help wean him off the alcohol. He died on 29 Apr 1933 of liver cirrhosis.

·        8. Verna Massey born 25 Nov 1896 and probably baptised in St. Paul’s Church at South Bend, died 5 May 1977. On 20 Dec 1913 she wed Charles Fred Fuller, who was born 5 Jan 1893, probably baptised in St. James’ Church, died 7 Apr 1956. Children: Elva, May, Ruth, June, Joan.

·        9. June Elaine Fuller born 14 Jun 1929, died 9 Aug 1991. She bore seven sons in the years 1947-1957: Dale, Richard, Jeffrey, Scott (Harry), Robert (Albertus), Michael, Kent (Robert).

·        10. Myself, Bert , born Robert John, baptised in the R.C. Church as Albertus, confirmed as Casimirus.


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