Johannes Jung was born in 1658 in the village of Siefersheim, Kurpfalz, Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (according to present-day administrative borders: Siefersheim, Alzey-Worms, Rheinhessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany). Johannes was baptised in the village church, built around the year 1200, and still functioning today. Built as a Catholic church, after the Reformation it became a Simultankirche, that is, a church used by both Lutherans and Catholics alike, albeit at different times of the day. This situation was quite common in the Kurpfalz. In Siefersheim the village church was shared until about 1903, when the Catholics built a new church, St. Martin, leaving the old church to the Lutherans. Siefersheim lies in the wine-growing region called Rheinhessen.


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Johannes wed Veronica Doerrschuck on 10 November 1684 in Siefersheim. He died on 4 April 1717 in Siefersheim. They had at least one child, Johann Valentin Jung.


     Johann Valentin Jung, son of Johannes Jung and Veronica Doerrschuck, was born on 22 May 1689 in Siefersheim, Kurpfalz, Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. He wed Anna Margarethe Altpeter on 5 March 1715 in Siefersheim. He died on 21 April 1720 in Siefersheim. They had at least one son, Johann Jacob Jung.


     Johann Jacob Jung, son of Johann Valentin Jung and Anna Margarethe Altpeter, was born on 2 February 1716 in Siefersheim, Electorate of Mainz, Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. He wed Anna Margaretha Stephan on 12 September 1741 at Sponheim. He died on 11 June 1767 in Siefersheim.

     Johann Jacob and Anna Margarethe had the following children: Anna Barbara Jung, 1743–1744; Johann Valentin Jung, 1745–1793; Johann Adam Jung, 1748–; Johannes Jung, 1752–;  Johann Daniel Jung, 1755–1756; Anna Sara Jung, 1759–1762.


     Johann Valentin Jung, the second of six known children of Johann Jacob Jung and Anna Margaretha Stephan, was born on 18 November 1745 in Siefersheim, Electorate of Mainz, Germany. He wed Anna Elisabetha Fritz on 19 September 1773 at Siefersheim. He died on 27 December 1793 in Siefersheim.

     Johann Valentin and Anna Elisabetha had seven known children: Anna Maria Jung, 1773–1844; Anna Margarethe Jung, 1775–1850; Catharina Jung, 1779–1781; Jacob Jung, 1782–1782; Anna Catharina Jung, 1783–1789; Konrad Jung, 1786–1862; Jacob Jung, 1788–1790.


ConradJungSeniorVerbeterd.jpg Konrad Jung, sixth of seven known children of Johann Valentin Jung and Anna Elisabetha Fritz, was born on 29 June 1786 in Siefersheim, Electorate of Mainz, Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (now Siefersheim, Alzey-Worms, Rheinhessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany). He wed Katharina Steinmetz on 6 June 1808 in Sieferhseim. He died on 9 September 1862 in Lyons. 

     Konrad and Katharina had ten known children, all born and baptised in Siefersheim: Casimir, 1809–1890; Conrad, 1813–1897; Johann Jung, 1816–1902; Margaret Marie (Jung) Nehrbass Jacoby, 1818–1904; Heinrich Jung, 1820–1904; Jacob Jung, 1822–1905; Catharina (Jung) Mόller, 1825–1905; Barbara Jung, 1827–1833; Anna Maria Jung, 1829–1842; Elizabeth Elsie (Jung) Comstock, 1832–1898. 


     Casimir Jung, eldest of ten children of Konrad Jung and Katharina Steinmetz, was born on 15 September 1809 in Siefersheim, Germany. He wed his cousin Elisabetha Jung on 22 October 1837. He died on 1 February 1890 in Concord.

     Casimir and Elisabeth had five children: Conrad Jung, 1837-1837; Johann Jung, 1839-1841; Casimir Jung, 1843-1907; Heinrich Jung, 1846-1928; Sarah Jung, 1848-.


CasimirJung1869Beter (2).jpg Casimir Jung, third of five children of Casimir Jung and Elisabetha Jung, was born on 21 May 1843. He wed Maria Elisabeth Rodenbach, daughter of Daniel Rodenbach and Catharina Weber, on 3 December 1868. He died on 10 April 1907 in Concord.

     Casimir and Maria Elisabeth had one son, Frank Casimir Jung.


FranklinCYoungFromJVC1Beter.jpg Frank Casimir Jung, only child of Casimir and Maria Elisabeth, was born on 13 November 1870. He wed Nellie Anna W(h)ittaker on 27 March 1901. Frank died on 25 October 1955. Nellie died on 21 October 1956.

     Frank and Nellie had four children: Gertrude, Howard, D.C., & Dorothea.


DCJungMilitaryIDFoto (2).JPG  D. C. Jung, third of four children of Frank Jung and Nellie Anna Whittaker, was born on 25 February 1922, died on 3 June 1998. 


My direct line


·        1. Johannes Jung born in 1658 in Siefersheim, Germany, wed Veronica Doerrschuck, died 4 Apr 1717. 

·        2. Johann Valentin Jung born 22 May 1689 in Siefersheim, Germany, wed Anna Margarethe Altpeter, died 21 Apr 1720.

·        3. Johann Jacob Jung born 2 Feb 1716 in Siefersheim, Germany, wed Anna Margaretha Stephan, died 11 Jun 1767.

·        4. Johann ValentinJung born 18 Nov 1745 in Siefersheim, Germany, wed Anna Elisabetha Fritz, died 27 Dec 1793.

·        5. Konrad Jung born 29 Jun 1786 in Siefersheim, Germany, wed Katharina Steinmetz, died 9 Sep 1862. 

·        6. Casimir Jung born 15 Sep 1809 in Siefersheim, Germany, wed his cousin Elisabetha Jung, died 1 Feb 1890.

·        7. Casimir Jung born 21 May 1843, wed Maria Rodenbach, died 10 Apr 1907.

·        8. Frank Casimir Jung born 13 Nov 1870, wed Nellie Anna Whittaker, died 25 Oct 1955.

·        9. D.C. Jung born 25 Feb 1922, died 3 Jun 1998.

·        10. Myself, born Robert John, christened & confirmed in the R.C. Church under the names Albertus Casimirus.


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